Texbond nonwovens focuses on the development and manufacturing of sophisticated spunbonds and high performance composites. Applications for our products are hygiene, personal-care, building, automotive, industrial and food filtration and many more. We are a  reliable partner for customers seeking innovative, sustainable and customized solutions,  willing to  carry on common R&D projects in different fields.

Absorbent hygiene products

Hybond is a spunbond fabric, tailored to the needs of the absorbent hygiene products industry. The production process, quality control, handling and warehousing meet the most severe safety and quality norms within the industry. Softness, superior fibre distribution and well-balanced physiological features, combined with consistency and low elongation, make Hybond the ideal web for any cover stock application.

Whenever superior softness is required, our Blowbond, a family of spunbond ultra-soft fabrics, provides the most cost effective solution. Thanks to the combination of a fine denier structure and a reduced bonding area, Blowbond encompasses all the features like bulkiness, soft touch and drape of an excellent premium back or top sheet.

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Techbond can be used as separation/wrapping layer in the manufacture of various automotive components such as upholstered seats and interior trims. It passes all British and Californian flammability tests as non-visible upholstery fabric and many car manufacturers flame requirements. Thanks to its strength, abrasion resistance and superior filament distribution, Techbond and Ultrabond are particularly suitable as seat components or covers or as soft, highly UV resistant car covers.

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Techbond and Ultrabond in combination with functional membranes are ideal, light and cost effective building materials. They can be converted into acoustic/thermal insulation mats, underslating and housewrap synthetic or bituminous membranes.

Our webs are designed and manufactured in compliance with the most demanding building recommendation or regulations. Customized, ready to market, breather or moisture barriers and waterproof sealing membranes are also available.

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Techbond works perfectly as carrier or protection layer of several filtration media like meltblown, wadding or other kinds of mats. Treated to a proper level of hydrophilicity, Techbond is an excellent medium in mechanical oil and food processing filtration.

Pure resin, certified and green light stamped webs of various basis weight are also available for food filtration and as filtration media of coffee capsules.

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Footwear, baggage and promotional items

Techbond and Ultrabond are excellent lining or reinforcement fabrics and can be easily converted into shoes or baggage components. Thanks to its silk soft touch and its unique bonding pattern, Techbond is the ideal fabric both for shoppers, promotional and textile items.

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Furniture and bedding

Thanks to its superior filaments formation and softness, Techbond and Ultrabond offer great solution as reverse cushion fabric, lining or spring wrap, dust cover and as component in many other parts of upholstered seat, mattresses or quilts. They pass British and Californian flammability tests as non-visible upholstery fabric.

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Horticulture and weedblock

Agribond is a strong, lightweight polypropylene veil, stabilized against the effects of UV rays, easily reusable and recyclable. Agribond represents the most practical solution against climatic risks, and results in high qualitative and quantitative productivity. Agribond helps also late crops to grow more homogeneously and provides protection against insects and birds. Heavier versions, dyed on demand or copper treated to enhance bug control capabilities are a perfect choice for hobby and professional weed block.

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Personal care

Hybond and to an even higher extent Blowbond, are excellent fabrics for any personal care application. They combine softness, bulkiness, stretch and drape at the lowest possible weight, delivering the best balance between cost effectiveness and quality.

Fine tuned absorption, smoothness, opacity and uniformity make our light weight spunbonds the ideal wipe fabric, capable of merging instant oil absorption with retention and skin care performances.

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Protective clothing

Techbond and Ultrabond high performance antistatic versions represent the ideal carrier for breather or chemical protection work-wear composites. In combination with functional membranes, in different colours and features they deliver protection against hazardous chemical substances.

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