Spunlaid thermal-bonded nonwovens and all their possible applications. This is our excellence. For thirty years we have successfully provided very different industries Рpersonal care, hygiene, medical industry, furniture and design, farming, building and even the motor vehicle sector. We have developed tailor-made products for lots of different applications with a global range of top-quality and right-price solutions. Our fabrics travel the world, enter millions of people’s life every day. They look like simple objects, but are complex, technological and cutting-edge. They are nonwoven fabrics and much more.

  • 30 years young

    Born in 1989, we are almost 30 years old. We are bursting of energy. We are mature and well-experienced but also young, curious, enterprising and competitive. Our work is to convert polypropylene granules into spunlaid high-tech nonwoven fabrics perfect for limitless applications in many different industries. Thanks to our professional team working with top technologies, we produce performing products which improve human beings' daily life.

  • Spun on your expectations

    Flexibility and customizations are key elements in our branch and they are the core of our business. We work with dedication to meet clients' needs and requests almost in real time. We are available, expert, good listeners and good in rendering clients' requests. We study, propose and work in order to make our final product the best solution ever.

  • Looking straight ahead

    We are looking at our future. We are constantly working hard on the research and development - we have partnerships with universities, clients and third laboratories - to deliver a regular and shared effort. These stimulating and vivid activities open the doors to new opportunities and we seize the best ones to develop new products and to increase the quality level of our performances. We have the people, we have the technology. Facing a more and more competitive international scenario is the best motivation to keep growing.

  • Time goes by, quality remains

    Our method is flexible and dynamic. We manage to adapt ourselves to our clients' needs by paying attention to details and by meeting the deadlines and agreements. For us, timeliness goes with precision and quality. The most important targets of all our units - marketing, research, production and logistics - are the incessant improvement of their versatility and the constant adaptation to the faster and faster professional mind-sets of our world.

  • The gene of sustainability

    Being sustainable is a duty for every honest and up-to-date company, with an eye to the future. Doing our best to preserve the natural beauties of the planet is not a choice: it is the basis of our genetic heritage.

  • Sustainable for the planet

    Making the use of our resources more and more efficient by ameliorating the consumptions of water, energy and raw materials: this is how we lower our business' and our partner businesses' impact on the planet. In our environmental plan, we listed our goals and keep on monitoring all our activities in order to measure and provide documentary evidence about our regular and significant improvements.

  • Sustainable for the people

    The people are our greatest value. They make the difference and determine our success. For this reason, we invest a lot of resources and attention to their human and professional growth and guarantee the same career opportunities to all of them, without any kind of discrimination. Loyalty, honesty, integrity and availability are the main requirements. We guarantee and demand these values, they lead every single step we make in our company and towards our clients, partners and suppliers. Our people are precious. For this reason, we protect them by creating the safest working conditions and by making safe products likewise.

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